Shopping security


When making purchases at Miloo Home, the customer can be sure that we care about the security of his data. Therefore, we ensure that the data sent between the customer and the store are secured with an SSL certificate. This certificate is the basic tool for protecting confidential data, which is encrypted thanks to the certificate.


What is encrypted with an SSL certificate?

Encryption applies primarily to registration, logging in, as well as concluding transactions. This type of security completely eliminates the risk of interception and use of such data.

Importantly, the SSL certificate verifies the identity of the website, thus confirming its reliability.



Increased security of purchases is also ensured by the PayU transaction operator. The operator has a platform based on the latest encryption methods, which guarantees the reliability of transactions. In accordance with the PayU policy, all information used in the payment process is also encrypted based on SSL technology. Moreover, all transactions passing through the platform are monitored.

At Miloo Home, we treat each order individually, with the utmost care. We know that customer satisfaction is the most important thing, which is why we make every effort to ensure that shopping is safe at every stage.